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08-Oct-12 08:30
Rated: Everyone
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What's new in Rails 4? How does Rails 4 fit in to the future of web development? Why are cats so important to the development of Ruby and Rails? All these questions and more will be answered if you attend this talk. Seats are limited, so act now!

08-Oct-12 09:30
Rated: Everyone
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All the Starcraft n00bs know exactly how to win. They take all the resources they can, and upgrade all the expensive tech and think to themselves, "soon i'll be unstoppable". Unfortunately "eventually unstoppable" is the same as dead right now. This type of premature optimizat...

08-Oct-12 09:30
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We tuck a lot of features away on Sometimes the UI just hasn't been fleshed out. Or we have bigger plans in mind for the feature in the future. Or it just hasn't been finished yet. But we still want to give you the flexibility of using that feature today.

The s...

08-Oct-12 10:30
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While Node.js is the hot new kid on the block, evented libraries like EventMachine for Ruby and Twisted for Python have existed for a long time. When does it make sense to use one over the other? What are the advantages and disadvantages to using node over ruby? In this talk, ...

08-Oct-12 10:33
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I started programming Rails on Windows in 2008. The experience was not the best but I still made the best of it. Fast-forward to 2012 and because of tools like RailsInstaller, Windows users have things almost easier than Mac/Linux. This talk will focus on some of the best-prac...

08-Oct-12 13:00
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As applications grow, dependency management becomes painful, tests get slower, and development becomes less joyful. Breaking up the application into services can be a great solution to these problems, but not every team is ready to leap fully into a SOA. Carson is Zendesk's co...

08-Oct-12 13:00
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Most developers know enough about refactoring to write code that's pretty good. They create short methods, and classes with one responsibility. They're also familiar with a good handful of refactorings, and the code smells that motivate them.

This talk is about the next lev...

08-Oct-12 14:00
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What does really happen when we call a method? How do the different Ruby implementations actually figure out what code to execute? What plumbing is going on under the hood to get a speedy dispatch? In this talk we will have a look at the internals of the the major Ruby impleme...

08-Oct-12 14:00
Rated: Everyone
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You've probably heard of JRuby. Maybe you've even tried it. But why is JRuby a good idea? How can it help you build better applications? In this talk, we'll cover everything that makes JRuby awesome, from the JVM with its top-notch memory management, solid multithreading, and ...

08-Oct-12 15:00
Rated: Everyone
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There’s nothing more frustrating for a developer than spending months creating an application and then having it fail because of performance issues. That’s why integrating application performance management into each step of the development lifecycle is critical to your applic...

08-Oct-12 15:00
Rated: Everyone
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Mocks, Stubs and other test doubles are a common and convenient scapegoat when talking about fragile test suites. But test doubles can be useful guides, highlighting design issues and in our application. By treating them as companions, we can find our way to long-term maintain...

08-Oct-12 16:00

Open source is hard but it gets much easier with a community backing you. I tried many approaches while developing fog, and thankfully, the resulting community is amazing. Now I'm doing my best to apply the same principles to the Heroku CLI and other open source projects. I ma...

09-Oct-12 08:48
Rated: Everyone
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Technologists should not identify themselves with their tools. I’m not a Rubyist. You’re not a Windows person. Operating systems, programming languages, database engines, and application frameworks are just tools we use to get things done. Identifying ourselves with our techno...

09-Oct-12 08:49
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A story of a Ruby programmer having to understand that learning Erlang is more than just syntax. Learn differences in paradigms, pitfalls and applied use cases for this incredibly powerful language.

  • Concurrency (Threading, Reactor pattern vs Erlang processes)
  • Stateful ...
09-Oct-12 09:30
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CoffeeScript is taking the world, and particularly the Rails eco system, by storm. This little language has provided an almost Ruby like abstraction onto of JavaScript. CoffeeScript is trying to make writing front end code as much fun as Ruby makes writing backend code.

In ...

09-Oct-12 09:30
Rated: Everyone
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Do you ever use "gem install"? What about bundle?

What's the worst that could happen if your app has a dependency on a malicious gem? How easy would it be to write a gem that could compromise a box?

Much of the Ruby community blindly trusts our gems. This talk will make ...

09-Oct-12 10:30
Rated: Everyone
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There's a lot to Ruby and even experienced Rubyists are sometimes surprised to learn about parts of the language they haven't encountered before.

Do you really know all of the syntax Ruby can read? Are you familiar with all of the methods provided in Ruby's core? Have you u...

09-Oct-12 10:30
Rated: Everyone
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RubyMotion is a tool that lets Ruby developers write native iOS apps using the Ruby language. It's based on MacRuby which is an implementation of the Ruby language for Mac OS X. This talk will introduce RubyMotion with some simple live code demos and a twist of TDD. The level ...

09-Oct-12 13:00
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We all interface with Ruby libraries every day, so we all know what makes up a "good" Ruby API. But there is a lot more to a "good" library than just the API: proper logging, flexible configuration, a sane exception hierarchy, and useful documentation, just to name a few. How ...

09-Oct-12 13:00
Rated: Everyone
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We all know that Git is amazing for storing code. It is fast, reliable, flexible, and it keeps our project history nuzzled safely in its object database while we sleep soundly at night.

But what about storing more than code? Why not data? Much flexibility is gained by ditch...

09-Oct-12 14:00
Rated: Everyone
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As developers and engineers we've spent a lot of time improving our tools to make our lives easier. Somewhere along the way, those improvements have introduced a new threat to our livelihood... Designers! Learn about how we've got ourselves into this place, why we have to lift...

09-Oct-12 14:00
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For many small sites with a minimal amount of complexity, a single rails application works fine. The problem is that as the application's complexity and scope grow, several problems arise. These include: heavy coupling, increased load and response times, and test complexity. A...

09-Oct-12 15:00
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The Heroku application platform makes deploying, running and scaling applications incredibly easy.

Traditionally these apps have been Ruby web applications. But as both the platform and its users mature, we are seeing the complexity of hosted apps increase, with more comple...

09-Oct-12 15:00
Rated: Everyone
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Sound familiar? The Rails ecosystem has grown in leaps and bounds, like the Java ecosystem did in its’ early days. So many languages, frameworks, plugins, engines, libraries and tools. So little time to deliver your new project.

It’s tempting to hire a rock star who knows a...

09-Oct-12 16:00
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mruby is Matz’ new Ruby implementation, it’s not cooler than node.js, it doesn’t natively support Hypstermedia, it looks just like the good old Ruby. So why should we, as a community care?

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