Lori Olson
28-May-14 16:00
Lori Olson
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13-May-14 10:00
Lori Olson
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Have you ever run into that problem you are trying to solve, that is tangential to your core business? It’s easy to run off, look for a gem, and use it.

What is harder, is when that gem … isn’t quite right. Maybe you should look for an alternative. Maybe you should fix the ...

09-Oct-12 15:00
Lori Olson
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Sound familiar? The Rails ecosystem has grown in leaps and bounds, like the Java ecosystem did in its’ early days. So many languages, frameworks, plugins, engines, libraries and tools. So little time to deliver your new project.

It’s tempting to hire a rock star who knows a...

23-Apr-12 13:30
Lori Olson
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Most of us have been there. That website you want to use, from your mobile device, that just refuses to cooperate. From the Flash-only, to the can't f**king log in, to the redirect-to-mobile-and-stay-there sites, there's more than enough websites out there to invoke Mobile Rag...

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