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25-Mar-14 14:15
Rated: Everyone
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Broccoli is the newest JavaScript-based build tool everyone's talking about. It helps you concatenate your scripts, compile your Sass files, and package up your ES6 modules—all while offering a concise declarative syntax, and blazing fast rebuilds...

25-Mar-14 16:00
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I know this is out of left field, but I’d like to teach you all some Angular, and in the process, bring you to a love of Ember Components unseen since Leo sank into his watery grave for Kate. We all make fun of directives and transclusion, but Emb...

25-Mar-14 13:30
Rated: Everyone
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Have you considered using Ember Data for your project, but were scared away? Have you tried using it and got stuck? Do you actually use it every day and wonder what the internets have against it?

In the last year Ember Data was refreshed, reboo...

25-Mar-14 15:00
Rated: Everyone
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Animations and transitions are fundamental to the unique character and feel of your product. With a few key ideas, you'll be able to build any custom behavior you want into your Ember application.

Learn about reusable, well-encapsulated techniq...

25-Mar-14 00:00
Rated: Everyone
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Confused about how the release process works? Curious what the heck feature flags are? Wondering which commit prefix you should use for your latest pull request? This talk will answer these questions (and many more).

It will include insights in...

24-Mar-14 00:00
Rated: Everyone
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24-Mar-14 10:45
Rated: Everyone
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The fact that Ember is different to everything else out there means that there are things you can do with Ember within a couple of hours that would take days to accomplish in other frameworks. The Ember community is going to have a lot of fun over...

30-Jan-14 08:45
Rated: Everyone
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In the presentation I'll discuss the evaluation of technologies to access big data repositories.

The main technologies I'm going to talk about are Java map-reduce, Hive, Pig and Impala as an examples for the generations in Hadoop access technol...

30-Jan-14 09:15
Rated: Everyone
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In this talk I'll introduce OSv, a new, from-scratch operating system designed specifically for cloud deployments. We will showcase the operating system architecture and explain the performance and manageability improvements that can be expected....

30-Jan-14 10:30
Rated: Everyone
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The lecture will enable a rare glimpse into the workings of hackers, when moving rapidly through a wide range of topics by using examples and stories of personal experience - All in a wild and fun atmosphere but with a serious, in-depth and "out-...

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