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19-Nov-14 10:20
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Do you do web development in Ruby? Have you been forced to go to node or other technologies just for concurrency/websockets etc. Do miss your gems, and tire of functionality you have to implement from scratch? Do you hate javascript?

Well no ne...

18-Nov-14 08:30
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Life's demands are such that it's easy to get lost in the day-to-day, trapped inside your own private world, expecting today to repeat endlessly and the future to remain a distant, untroubling land. The future is coming, however, whether you are r...

18-Nov-14 10:20
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mruby forum released mruby 1.0.0 in Feb. 2014. It's been stable to use. However, because mruby is used on small boards or in application programs, it's hard to debug mruby applications. When we develop mruby application, we should write not only R...

18-Nov-14 12:20
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JRuby 9000 is the largest update to the JRuby platform during its lifetime. We will support Ruby 2.1 (or perhaps 2.2) features, replace our execution pipeline with a new optimizing compiler, support true native IO and Process logic, and finally br...

18-Nov-14 09:25
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In this presentation, I will talk about incremental GC algorithm for Ruby interpreter.

Ruby 2.1 has Generational GC algorithm, which improves GC performance dramatically. However, long application pause time problem on major GC is not solved. ...

13-Mar-14 08:00
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Do you work on projects managed in a way that is easiest for managers or customers? Focused around their priorities without taking developers needs into account? Can we strive to achieve work and project environment that would be friendly for prog...

13-Mar-14 08:30
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This is the story about It started as an idea almost 4 years ago and has been implemented without launch a couple of times, lived in the shadows of bigger ambitions, only to finally come to life as a pet project, starting to see ...

13-Mar-14 09:30
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15 minutes apps with rails - where this will take you? Let's rant the 'easy application development with Rails' and show how fast can you go wrong. The "15 minutes legacy rails application".

13-Mar-14 10:00
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Or: Why mutation testing is as a game changer for unit tests. The pros of a solid unit test suite are well understood and accepted in the ruby community. The problem: How to define solid? Traditional metrics like line-coverage, branch-coverage an...

13-Mar-14 09:00
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What have critical value for developers? The soft skills. That's what make you unique, well-paid and not replaceable. Wozniak had great technical skills but it was nothing without Job's great soft skills. You have to have both Steves inside you if...

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