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04-Oct-14 15:45
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In my year and a half working in the tech startup scene in New York City, I'm always surprised to learn that I'm almost always the sole native New Yorker on any team; specifically, from one of the poorest neighborhoods in the United States, the Br...

04-Oct-14 16:10
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The Nigerian tech scene is booming. With increased access to mobile technology and connected cities, West African designers and developers are creating unique solutions to literacy, mobile apps, and games. This talk will look at some success stori...

04-Oct-14 16:35
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Crowdfunding sites like Kickstarter have been a big boon to allowing creators who wanted to work around the publisher system to get projects off the ground. We have seen the resurgence of old, beloved and once dormant series', and the return to cr...

04-Oct-14 18:10
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We all recognize the need for more diversity in games and the gaming community, but how can we make that happen? Chris Algoo will share his experiences creating diversity-focused Game Jams and video games, and offer some tips for games and events ...

15-Sep-14 19:30
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Violence in games is big business, yet emotional situations closer to everyone's real life--falling in love, having sex, making a family--are scarcely represented in most video and tabletop role playing games. When present they often fall into het...

15-Sep-14 20:30
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This year some of the most prominent companies in Silicon Valley released data on the demographic makeup of their employees, revealing how largely white and male their workforce actually is. While the numbers weren’t great, the release sparked a s...

15-Sep-14 18:30
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Gaming coverage in the '80s and '90s typically involved tech-focused product reviews that purported to be objective. As a game journalist, I've found that cult of objectivity persists to this day, long after games have supposedly been accepted as ...

15-Sep-14 20:00
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As game development tools become more accessible, cheaper, and better distributed, voices that were previously given no platform in game design are finding new ways to speak up. The past few years have seen the development of unprecedented numbers...

15-Sep-14 18:00
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Whether it's at the dinner table, on social media, or in the office break room, many of us like to talk about controversial topics. Yet all too often, these debates go badly -- and not just when participants have clashing beliefs and values. Wha...

15-Sep-14 18:45
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Trans_ is the first anthology to collect the voices and experiences of trans people speaking to how the Internet has impacted our lives and how we have impacted the Internet.

Co-editors Harlan Kellaway and Mitch Kellaway to speak, nina malaya s...

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