Ruby Conference 2010

The Polite Programmer's Guide to Ruby Etiquette
This presentation, by Jim Weirich, Ed Sumerfield, Chris Nelson , is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike 3.0

Fellow rubyists, are you tired of constantly dealing with impolite and boorish code that invades your personal space, clobbering your instance variables and messing with your method missings. We kindly invite you to join us in a session promoting proper programming protocols, where multiple programmers can coexist in a polite environment without their code behaving in crude and inappropriate ways. We will discuss the proper etiquette for metaprogramming techniques, hook method implementations, and proper aliasing of methods. By adopting a greater degree of decorum you will be able to leave rudeness behind and produce code that interoperates in the most civilized of ways.

Conference Videos

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