Ruby Midwest 2011

Running Red Hat OpenShift with a little help from Ruby
This presentation, by Matt Hicks , is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike 3.0

This talk will dive into the details of OpenShift Express and it's support for Ruby and Rack. It will also cover how we are using Ruby internally on our development of OpenShift. This session will not only walk you through how to use OpenShift to deploy a Rails 3 application, but will also dive into why we standardized on Ruby as our development language. I'll cover the following topics at a hands-on level: Deploying a Rails 3 application with the OpenShift Express Cover how we are using Selenium WebDriver and the Ruby bindings for automated testing on headless machines Cover how we are using Apache Qpid (AMQP), the Ruby bindings and MCollective as the basis of our scale-out architecture

Conference Videos

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