Confreaks, LLC was founded in February of 2007. We started off recording software development conferences in the Ruby open source community. The first conference we filmed was in Salt Lake City, Utah, shot with borrowed cameras and recorded to tape. Soon after that, we invested in our own equipment and then chronicled our first international conference in Norway at the end of 2007. We switched to high-definition (HD) cameras in 2009 and began offering live-streaming services in 2011. We have picked up many repeat clients and over the years have evolved into a full video recording and production company, earning a reputation for high quality services.

Big changes are happening now. We've updated our logo and made a new website. We've introduced Connie, the Confreaks mascot and will be meeting her friends in the near future. We are using social media differently, so expect to hear more from us on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. We are excited to share our experiences as a woman run business working among many different communities. 

Currently most of our work is in the US but we have been around the globe filming in Taiwan, London, Singapore  and many other locations. Traveling is one of the coolest things about what we do. 

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Cindy Backman

Owner / CEO


Demi Hintgen

Head of Post Production

Connie the Unipig

Confreaks Mascot


You should hear from us soon!