Audio & Video Recording

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We record, produce, and share your event with not only your attendees but the potential millions around the world. By using video cameras, audio recorders, slide capturing devices, and live streaming software, we are able to capture and edit presentations and preserve the educational and motivational value of your event for the future.

When we record a conference, we use a manned HD camera focused on each presenter. We capture exactly what is seen during the presentation: the slides, videos, live coding, etc. We also capture a clean audio track from the mic'ed sound system.

After your event is over, we edit each track and add title slides or motion-graphics, depending on your preference, and sponsor recognition slides. We can provide you with deliverables anywhere from the next-day to 21-days later. Our team of videographers, recorders and post-production editors keep people talking about your conference for 365 days a year, not just the few days you gather for the event.

Confreaks was founded in 2007 by two software engineers who wanted to be able to go back and watch the presentations they had seen in person, after the event was over. Without recording, we were limited to notes and perhaps a copy of the presenters' slides. This just wasn't enough. The fantastic side benefit of recording the presentations for later viewing is that it also allowed us to share the presented content with a broader audience than just those with the time and means to physically attend the event.

By recording your event and making the videos available to your attendees, you extend the time they spend with your content. This maximizes the value of the event for your attendees and opens your content and your brand to a much larger audience.

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