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Promotional Videos

Let us help you

Let us help attract attendees to your conference by producing a promotional video. We use selections from recorded presentations and still photography, along with formal and informal interviews with conference organizers, sponsors, and attendees, to craft videos that highlight the purpose, draw, and flavor of your conference. Help build repeat business every year, and let your event attendees speak for themselves on camera to let others know what's unique and valuable about the event.​

We can work with you to set up private recording rooms where you can request attendees take time to talk about what appeals to them about your event, and we can have videographers mingle with event attendees and record spontaneous feedback.


Why it works!

Find out first hand how important your event is to the community it serves. Consider how valuable these testimonials can be in a promotional video for your conference - the people praising the event are the actual attendees, not spokespeople, or marketers.

We work with you in advance to decide the length, complexity, and number of promotional videos for your event. We can deliver the finished video to you and/or host it on the web. Let us work with you to showcase your event and build a returning audience for your conference.

Trusted by Top Brands

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